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Bab (Sent in by Paul Babineaux)




aja (Sent in by John W. Plummer)

dub (A visual palindrome- Sent in by GW dub Shepherd)

bad (A visual palindrome- Sent in by Emily Lowe)

deb (A visual palindrome- Sent in by Emily Lowe)

bed (A visual palindrome- Sent in by Emily Lowe)

bid (A visual palindrome- Sent in by Emily Lowe)

bud (A visual palindrome- Sent in by Emily Lowe)

tidbit (A visual palindrome- Sent in by Emily Lowe)

dab (A visual palindrome- Sent in by Emily Lowe)

dub (A visual palindrome- Sent in by Emily Lowe)


eke (Sent in by Emily Lowe)



ewe (Sent in by Steven Lorenz)

eye (Sent in by Greg Dornak)

gag (Sent in by Pamela)

gig (Sent in by Kayla)

aha (Sent in by Bugabooo)

bib (Sent in by Taylor Kloustin)




mim (Sent in by Paul Babineaux)





non (sent in by Jason Leach)


oho (Sent in by Emily Lowe)


pep (Sent in by Steven Lorenz)




sis (Sent in by Steven Lorenz)

SOS (Sent in by Emily Lowe)




TNT (Sent in by Beverly)



txt (Megan)



XRX (Stock symbol for Xerox)


Anna (Sent in by Reinier)


deed (Sent in by Pamela)


naan (Indian bread- Sent in by Kailara)

noon (Sent in by Pamela)

Otto (Sent in by Emily Lowe)



sees (Sent in by Emily Lowe)


stats (Sent in by Paul Babineaux)


minim (Sent in by Emily Lowe)

Ma'am (Sent in by Emily Lowe)

level (Sent in by Lindsey)


Seves (Plural of Seve- Sent in by Seve)

refer (Sent in by Emily Lowe)

rotor (Sent in by Drew Ahern)

Soros (Sent in by Emily Lowe)

put up (Sent in by Emily Lowe)

pull up (Sent in by Emily Lowe)

pull-up (Sent in by Emily Lowe)

pin-nip (Sent in by Paul Babineaux)

tac-cat (Sent in by Paul Babineaux)

cap-pac (Sent in by Paul Babineaux)

gulp-plug (Sent in by Paul Babineaux)


Hanah (Sent in by Shayna)

Hannah (Sent in by Pamela)


radar (Sent in by

sexes (Sent in by Paul Babineaux)


tip it (Sent in by Kenny Baclawski)

ball lab (Sent in by Kenny Baclawski)

word row (Sent in by Kenny Baclawski)

Neuquen (A part of Argentina- Sent in by Kenny Baclawski)

to idiot (Sent in by Zo)

Lia Fail (Sent in by Zo)

We few

deified (Sent in by GW dub Shepherd)

lion oil (Sent in by Rory and Rufus Garton Smith)

evil olive (Sent in by Rory and Rufus Garton Smith)

raw war (Sent in by Michael)

rotator (Sent in by A/L Hadland)

racecar (Sent in by Sienna)


rub bur

Reinier (Sent in by Reinier)

reviver (Sent in by Fuios O'Brian)

Knit ink (Sent in by Familie Stern)


wet stew (Sent in by Patrick Coleman)

a Toyota (Sent in by Patrick Coleman)


top pot

pot top (Sent in by Paul Babineaux)

eel Lee (Sent in by Paul Babineaux)

top spot

dumb mud

wolf flow (Sent in by David Windmueller)


I am A.I.

UFO tofu

Navy van

gift fig

emu fume.

rail liar.

But a tub (Sent in by Dani)

God's dog (Sent in by Ryan and Sean Niemic)

track cart (Sent in by Ryan and Sean Niemic)

Snack cans (Sent in by Ryan and Sean Niemic)

Ned's den

don't nod

drab bard

garb brag (Sent in by David Windmueller)

space caps (Sent in by Rachelle Edgar)

Dan on Ad


Straw Warts (Sent in by Beverly)

live evil.

sit on Otis (Sent in by Lydia Washington)

evil olive (Sent in by Michael)

not a ton (Sent in by Lara Heisler)

Malayalam. (language of Kerala, India- Sent in by Partha)

fool aloof.

party trap.

Sit Otis (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

Put it up (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

Enya Layne (Sent in by Zo)

I prefer pi (Sent in by Beverly)

Pa's a sap.

a motto, Ma!

spool loops.

fart, R.A.F.

regal lager.

Anita Patina

star rats (Sent in by Rick S)

Sir I'm Iris (Sent in by Rory and Rufus Garton Smith)

Pepsi is pep (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

Nat a satan. (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

No, tie it on (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

Cain a maniac. (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

drowsy sword (Sent in by Seve)

tattarrattat (Knock on door- Sent in by Fuios O'Brien)

de-tart rated.

Di, a maid?! (Sent in by Dave and Pat)

straw warts.

aibohphobia. (fear of palindromes)

Kinnikkinnik. (a leaf & bark mixture smoked by Cree indians)

Ted? A cadet? (Sent in by Ted Ladue)

lepers repel.

faced a decaf (Sent in by Kenny Baclawski)

stack cats (Sent in by Kenny Baclawski)

salt Atlas (Sent in by Kenny Baclawski)

straw arts (Sent in by Kenny Baclawski)

birch crib (Sent in by Kenny Baclawski)

I prefer pi (Sent in by Stephen Cutts)

I led a deli.

Ma has a ham.

Won't it now? (Sent in by Zo)

Drown in word (Sent in by Zo)

Tennis is in net (Sent in by Zo)

Sarah O'Hara's (Sent in by Zo)

Robert Trebor

Yreka Bakery.

"Draw, Ward" (Sent in by Henry Mucha)

I did, did I?

Pupils slip up. (Sent in by Mike Kevic)

Senile felines (Sent in by Mike Kevic)

Dennis sinned.

Leah C., I'm Michael (Sent in by Leah Brown)

Caibohphobiac. (Someone afraid of palindromes)

raw sexes war.

Tonya may not.

Sail on, Olias.

"Drawn, Ward". (Sent in by Henry Mucha)

Yo! Banana Boy!

Remade edamer (Sent in by Familie Stern)

WTF? FTW! (Sent in by Ted Ladue)

FTW? LOL. WTF? (Sent in by Ted Ladue)

Tess, a basset!

I met System I.

Dee saw a seed.

Del saw a sled.

Lee had a heel.

Lonely Tylenol

Yreka Bakery

Yrella Gallery

Warsaw was raw.

Sad, I'm Midas.

Was it a cat I saw? (Sent in by George Okore)

Oh no! Don Ho!

Harasoo, Sarah!

Pint a' Catnip.

Was it a bat I saw (Sent in by Saikumar)

No gnu hung on (Sent in by Rafael Dinner)

Borrow or rob? (Sent in by Travis Lyon)

Bob, level Bob.

Bob's kayaks bob (Sent in by Michael Phelps)

step on no pets (Sent in by Neb Rednom)

Sex, ale relaxes (Sent in by John McGeady

Red arts trader (Sent in by Colin Davies)

Sup not on pus.

Is Pep a Pepsi? (Sent in by Ron Quero)

So, Ida: Adios.

Too hot to hoot.

Laid on no dial.

No set ate son. (Sent in by Zo)

Em, nuts stun me (Sent in by Leslie Leonelli)

Norm, I'm Ron (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

Repaid a diaper (Sent in by David Windmueller)

Stanley Yelnats (Sent in by Kayla)

Re-flog a golfer.

Tame no one Mat. (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

snot or protons? (Sent in by Vanessa)

No devil lived on (Sent in by Gary Citro)

A Santa at NASA.

Dogma: I am God (Sent in by David Brackeen)

tape no one, Pat. (Sent in by Travis Lyon)

Purr it's stirrup (Sent in by Travis Lyon)

Step on no pets. (Sent in by Robert Hammer)

"Naomi," I Moan.

Rise to vote, sir (Sent in by David Brackeen)

He won snow, eh?

Passion, no is sap. (Sent in by Mike Clelland)

'Tis Liam emails it (Sent in by Ted Ladue, Created by Emily Paramore)

Redraw a warder.

Madam, I'm Adam. (Sent in by Kayla)

You suck, Cusuoy!

No iron on Orion.

If I had a hi-fi.

Tie ton-I note it. (Sent in by Zo)

Sniffum, muffins.

Ed is on no side.

God net ten dog (Sent in by Daniel Erazo)

Wontons? Not now.

"Draw, O coward". (Sent in by Henry Mucha)

Egad! No bondage!

Massive Levi's Sam! (Sent in by unknown)

Dumb mobs bomb mud. (Sent in by John McGeady)

He maps Spam, eh?

Emil saw a slime.

Camus sees sumac.

stun odd donuts (Sent in by Woody Dupee)

set at sea estates (Sent in by Woody Dupee)

dispep a Pepsid (Sent in by John W. Plummer)

Never odd or even (Sent in by Jason Frazier)

So Many dynamos (Sent in by Shayna)

Garton's Snot Rag

kool idea! Ed I look. (Sent in by Colin Davies)

DeKramer Remarked (Sent in by Familie Stern)

Raps clack calc spar (Sent in by Michael Helsem)

Toronto got no rot! (Sent in by Stephen Cutts)

Acrobat stab Orca. (Sent in by Zo)

To Canada Dana cot (Sent in by Zo)

A Dana cot O Canada (Sent in by Zo)

Toll Libra, car bill lot. (Sent in by Zo)

Ned go nail Ian Ogden. (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

No smashes, eh, Samson! (Sent in by Vin Miles)

Derek all Lake Red (Sent in by Zo)

Name lock Coleman (Sent in by Zo)

Revolt! O pot lover! (Sent in by Stephen Cutts)

Revolt! A cat lover! (Sent in by Stephen Cutts)

A nut for a jar of tuna (Sent in by Vandon)

Tender tuba but red net (Sent in by Scott Flanik)

Bob, sides reversed, is boB (Sent in by Bob Hastings)

Bei Liese sei lieb (German for: With Lisa be dear- Sent in by Peter Haefliger)

Ten animals I slam in a net (Sent in by mysterious mongoose)

Poor dan is in a droop (Sent in by mysterious mongoose)

Was it a bar or a bat i saw (Sent in by mysterious mongoose)

God and a DNA dog.

Emit Eno one time.

God damn! Mad dog.

Naomi, did I moan?

We panic in a pew.

Sex at noon taxes.

Dot saw I was Tod.

Lem saw I was Mel.

Rise to vote, sir.

Ye keen knee key (Sent in by Zo)

No Smash Samson (Sent in by Zo)

Revenge beg never (Sent in by Zo)

Ye know I won key (Sent in by Zo)

Do geese see God? (Sent in by Bill Tryon)

Now son Enos won. (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

God saw I was dog!

Dare car race? Rad! (Sent in by Travis Lyon)

God, Edam made dog.

lava ate! "eta a val" (Sent in by the Goldsack Family)

Mini Art, train 'im! (Sent in by Dylan Bram)

Jesu T. Bob, obtuse J? (Sent in by Dylan Bram)

Who's show? (Sent in by Dylan Bram)

No, not Neverton, on! (Sent in by Dylan Bram)

Tis no "it", ad N.U.O foundation, sit! (Sent in by Dylan Bram)

Bombard a drab mob.

Tell a body - do ballet

Dumb mobs bomb mud.

Was it a rat I saw?

He stops spots, eh?

No lemon, no melon!

No lemons, no melon

No melon, no lemon (Sent in by Lucie & Mietta)

Rats live on no evil star (Sent in by Lucie)

I man am regal a German am I (Sent in by Lucie)

Too bad I hid a boot (Sent in by Lucie)

Lisa Bonet ate no basil (Sent in by Lucie)

Warsaw was raw (Sent in by Lucie)

Was it a cat or car I saw (Sent in by Lucie)

Do geese see God? (Sent in by Lucie)

Race fast safe car (Sent in by Lucie)

Pa's a sap (Sent in by Lucie)

Ma is as selfless as I am (Sent in by Lucie)

Ah Satan sees Natasha (Sent in by Lucie)

No x in Nixon (Sent in by Lucie)

O stone be not so (Sent in by Lucie)

Snug all L.A. guns!

Poor Das is a droop.

Emit no tot on time.

O, stone, be not so.

Age, irony, Noriega.

Drown in an in word. (Sent in by Zo)

Too bad I hid a boot.

Lager, sir, is regal.

Was it a cat i saw? (Sent in by Lindsey)

God, a saw was a dog!

Not laws is Walton (Sent in by Colin Davies)

Yer Duane n Audrey? (Sent in by Seve)

Desserts, I stressed!

Mark Lee, he Elk Ram (Sent in by Zo)

I'm a tune nut am I? (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

Tie us sir or issue it. (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

Tim aim it Tim I am it. (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

Emote no tone to me. (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

Sue sue us, Sue use us. (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

I made tale elated am I. (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

Ya, Dot traded art today. (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

Did I pee deep?  I did. (Sent in by Charles N. Yazijian)

In words, drown I. (Sent in by Robert King Stierle)

In words, alas, drown I. (Sent in by Robert King Stierle)

In word salad, alas, drown I (Sent in by Robert King Stierle)

No, I met System Ion.

Buttressed dessert tub (Sent in by Neb Rednom)

Six attack cat taxis!

He mined denim, eh? (Sent in by Henry Mucha)

No, it is opposition.

Pull up if I pull up.

Stella won no wallets.

Delia saw I was ailed.

Niagara, O roar again.

But Nile, Babel in tub (Sent in by Angela Pantleo)

A car, a man, a maraca.

Emit a mile, lima time.

Dennis and Edna sinned.

Ah, Satan sees Natasha.

Pal sat in Anita's lap.

Sit on a potato pan Otis (Sent in by John Sabal)

egad alas! a salad age (Sent in by Seve)

DNA level Cleveland (Sent in by Zo)

No Sir, a war is on (Sent in by Caleb Child)

Now Sir, a war is won (Sent in by David Brackeen)

Poor Dan is in a droop.

Oh! Cameras are macho.

Neil Adam, a mad alien. (Sent in by Travis Lyon)

ET ad Put a fat update (Sent in by Zo)

Play Latin on Italy Alp (Sent in by Zo)

Lisa Bonet ate no basil (Sent in by Mike Randle)

Sit on a potato pan otis (Sent in by Kellye S)

Red rum, sir, is murder

Yen: Omega-age money. (Sent in by John McGeady)

No sign in evening is on. (Sent in by John McGeady)

Enola Devil lived alone.

Panic in a Titanic, I nap (Sent in by David Brackeen)

Won't lovers revolt now?

Nam, order a red Roman! (Sent in by The Razor)

ET Adeline be Nile date. (Sent in by Zo)

At Adeline be Nile data. (Sent in by Zo)

Space cast it's Ace caps (Sent in by Zo)

Do Pandas as a DNA pod (Sent in by Zo)

Flesh tapes use path's Elf (Sent in by Zo)

Steve case, he's Ace Vets. (Sent in by Zo)

star buttons, not tub rats (Sent in by Daisy J)

Mr. owl ate my metal worm (Sent in by Bill Griffin)

Draw putrid dirt upward.

Draw pupil's lip upward.

Dubya won? No way, Bud! (A favorite sent in by Robert Hammer)

Yo Bob, mug a gumbo boy! (Another favorite)

Emit nurds, LSD runtime (Sent in by Colin Davies)

Cleveland DNA: Level C

Dame Russia is sure mad. (Sent in by Andy Glover)

As I pee sir,  I see Pisa. (Sent in by David Windmiller)

Yawn a more Roman way!

"Draw Dias", said Ward. (Sent in by Henry Mucha)

He stressed desserts, eh? (Sent in by Henry Mucha)

On STAG: A Zagat's NO! (Sent in by David Windmueller)

DNA Lore, here hero land (Sent in by Zo)

Deep space nine cap speed (Sent in by Zo)

Sonar possesses sopranos.

no word, no bond, row on. (Sent in by David Brackeen)

Mr. Owl ate my metal worm (Sent in by ZZ42zz)

Older caste felt sacred, lo! (Sent in by John McGeady)

Madam, In Eden I'm Adam (Sent in by David Langford)

A Santa deified at NASA.

A Santa taps Pat at NASA.

Able was I ere I saw Elba. (Sent in by Mark Lee)

name no-one 'man' (Sent in by Victor Hernandez)

Madam, in Eden, I'm Adam.

a tad and liam email dna data (Sent in by Walker Adamson)

Madam, in Eden, I'm Adam.

Rot can rob a born actor.

Dad, Mom. Mom, Dad. (Sent in by Howard Moody)

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